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Surgical Products
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Péters Surgical produce a wide range of top quality sutures using their own high grade stainless steel needles and suture material designed to their own standards.


The company has a long and distinguished history in the development of Cardiovascular sutures and has designed a number of unique products in conjunction with some of the leading Cardiac surgeons including Professor Carpentier.

In use at hospitals throughout the UK, Péters Surgical sutures represent an excellent combination of premium performance and value for money.









Péters Surgical manufacture their own needles from a refined stainless steel 300 series alloy for increased tensile strength and ductility compared to competitors’ needles. The needles are for all intents and purposes unbreakable.


They are also silicon coated with a regular, uniform coating for ease of slide through tissue which reduces the trauma when compared to standard needles






The sutures are supplied in Onepak® packaging which enables easy needle access and quick, convenient identification


Corolene packaging - long packs minimise the polypropylene memory effect

Multipacks are also available with mixed thread colours


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Triangular cutting point with 3 cutting edges and triangular body Suitable for skin, abdominal wall, fibrous tissue and  ligaments

Cutting Point

Round Body

Taper Point

Taper point and round body

Reduces tissue trauma, suitable for soft tissues

Round body

Blunt Point

Blunt point and round body

Does not cut into tissue,suitable for soft tissue such as liver and kidney

Tapercutting KL

3 bevelled faces and round body

Better penetration than taper point needle for cardiovascular surgery,

calcified and sclerous tissues

Tapercutting Point



Our Premio, Cardioflon and Cardionyl ranges offer 3 different types of pre-attached Pledgets in Firm or Soft PTFE or Weavenit in a range of sizes. This means that they are consistently and accurately placed and saves the time of attaching separate pledgets. Please contact us for details of the sizes available.


The Corolene range is now also available with Pledgets.


Pledgets are also available separately.

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See below for more information on the excellent Needles , the easy to use Packaging and the Pre-Attached Pledgets