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The Rooke® HFS™ Boot is designed to provide optimal insulation and protection to the lower extremities of patients in a hospital, nursing home or home health care setting. It is ideal for patients being treated for ischemia, neuropathy or other related conditions. It is also highly effective when used to prevent heel ulcers and pressure sores.


Recent studies and testimonials attest to the superb results achieved in terms of pressure sore prevention and of healing of existing ulcers when the Rooke HFS Boot was used.


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Rooke® Heel Float System

Prevents Heel Ulcers, accelerates wound healing through increased vasodilation and heat retention

Benefits include:


Gentle warming of the limb is achieved by reducing heat loss frequently associated with ischemic conditions. The boot does not create heat,but acts as an insulating barrier that retains body-generated heat.The Rooke Boot® is designed to be a super-insulated product, containing a 140 gram layer of Thinsulate® plus a 1/8th inch of foam padding.