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Belt Power Pack


Batteries and

Charging Station


Cableless LED Surgical Headlight

The Most Powerful, Brightest Cableless Surgical Headlight in the World !


Superior , Consistent Bright White Light  - Comfortable - Lightweight - No Cables

Rotating Headlamp

Repositionable Projection Module

Lightweight ,comfortable

5 point adjustable headband

ONE™ HEADLIT is a battery-powered surgeon's headlight that provides a "better than xenon" quality of light without the uncertainties of a short bulb life  or fibre optic cable breakage.


Its innovative design is lightweight and fully adjustable for optimal comfort.


Allows complete freedom of movement through use of belt-mounted high capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack.


Consistent, bright light pattern, distributed evenly over entire light field


High quality engineering, made in Germany





“In regards to the headlight and freedom of movement, you barely feel it at all – it is light-weight and well balanced. The illumination is terrific!”

Yu-Po Lee, MD   , Orthopaedic Spine – Univ. of California-
“Tethered headlights were the biggest hassle in the operating  room and this cableless system takes away that problem. The light is perfect.”

Kenneth A. Pettine, MD   Rocky Mountain Spine Arthroplasty
“I love this product, the light is great.”
Steven H. Hochschuler, MD, Orthopaedic Spine  Texas Back Institute - Plano, TX

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