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Other Vascular Products

Vein Hooks


We supply very good quality , single-use stainless steel  Vein Hooks


They are available in Sizes 1 , 2 and 3 and are supplied sterile and in individual pouches or within our procedure packs

We have produced our own customised procedure packs for RF Varicose Vein Procedures. They contain a comprehensive set of single-use instruments and consumables including drapes, mosquitoes and vein hooks. The Contents lists for Unilateral and Bilateral procedures can be downloaded , we are also happy to discuss tailoring the packs to individual requirements


We are able to offer customised, sterile procedure packs for a variety of operating procedures. We are currently offering Vascular packs and are adding to the range as we discuss requirements with individual surgeons or hospitals. If you would like to discuss having packs made to meet your own specific requirements then we would be delighted to hear from you.

Vascular Procedure Packs

Unilateral Varicose Vein Pack

Biateral Varicose Vein Pack

Pierson Surgical is a UK distributor for Laboratoires PEROUSE, a French manufacturer of Vascular Prostheses. The products that we currently supply are the POLYPATCH® Anatomical Patch and Vein Strippers




Single use Vein Stripper : 100 cm long, radio-opaque polyamide cable

The small size of the connectors and the optimal flexibility and strength of the cable ensure smooth passage through the vein, be it with a distal or proximal approach

Supplied with 4 different sized olives and a handle


Vein Strippers






One 100 cm long, non-metallic, radio-opaque cable

A set of 4 different sized olives
(9.5 – 11 – 12.8 – 15.9 mm)

1 handle


Two 100 cm long, non-metallic, radio-opaque cables

A set of 4 different sized olives
(9.5 – 11 – 12.8 – 15.9 mm)

2 handles

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