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A unique, highly effective treatment for  chronic wounds  using acellular fish skin for tissue regeneration

Chronic wound repair with Kerecis Omega3


Kerecis Omega3 Wound is intact decellularized fish skin  that  contains  natural  Omega3  and  dermal- matrix  proteins  that  

are  compatible  with  human tissue.  Chronic  wounds  are  stuck  in  an  inflamed stage and fail to progress through the normal

stages of   healing.   Kerecis   Omega3   Wound   effectively salvages the wound from the inflammation stage and allows for regular healing to ensue.


Kerecis is easy to apply ,simply cut the sheet so that it fits into the wound, hydrate with a saline solution (NaCl) and apply into the wound without overlapping the wound edges. Apply a  secondary  dressing  on  top  of  the  product  and  ensure  that  the wound bed and the Kerecis Omega3 sheet are moist at all times. Be careful to ensure that the Kerecis Omega3 sheet never dries out. Re-apply every 2-7 days, or when the previously applied sheet has been absorbed and is no longer visible. Do not remove partly absorbed product from the wound.

Kerecis Omega3 Wound Care

65 year old male with diabetic foot ulcer on distal part of dig. II on left foot. Patient has Charcot foot

55 year old male with infected failed surgical ulcer on lower leg




Mammal vs Fish Skin Acellular Dermal Matrix : The Kerecis fish- skin matrix is thicker and more porous, providing proliferating cells with a sophisticated structure to bind to and in which to proliferate.