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BioIntegral No-React® Cardiac Devices

BioIntegral Surgical manufactures cardiac and vascular implants made from all-biological materials using the No-React® treatment.


No-React® is a proprietary detoxification of glutaraldehyde-treated tissue. 17 years of clinical experience with No-React® devices shows reduced toxicity, enhanced biocompatibilty, lower rates of infection, adhesion, calcification, and the promotion of endothelial lining.



The products are engineered from both a material and design perspective to enhance durability, biocompatibility, and ease of implantation.


The design philosophy is to solve structural heart issues by minimizing compromises to the patient or surgeon required by alternative devices or techniques. More consistent, simplified, and repeatable operative outcomes help to reduce morbidity and mortality.




No-React® Treatment - Benefits

17 years of clinical experience with No-React® devices shows


BioIntegral Surgical's No-React® technology has an extensive medical history.

Over the past 17 years, No-React® devices have been implanted in over 100,000 patients worldwide


No-React® Injectable Pulmonic valve


No-React® Versaflex semi-stented Aortic valve


No-React® BioAortic and BioMitral Replacement valves


No-React® Valved Aortic Conduit


No-React® Mitrofix Mitral Valve Restoration System


No-React® Porcine Pericardial Patches