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Kerecis Omega3 Wound is a highly effective , unique product for the treatment of Chronic wounds and Pierson Surgical is very pleased to announce that we have been appointed as the UK distributor for this exciting new product. Kerecis Omega3 Wound is intact decellularized fish skin  that  contains  natural  Omega3  and  dermal- matrix  proteins  that  are  compatible  with  human tissue. Chronic wound care is estimated to cost the NHS between £2.5bn to £3bn per year, with over 200,000 patients suffering from chronic wounds. Kerecis Omega3 Wound is an advanced 3rd generation biological product that can heal wounds that have failed to respond to any other treatments and hence offers the potential to improve the quality of life of patients and for significant cost savings across the NHS in the UK.

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Pierson Surgical has been appointed as the UK distributor for Maquet’s range of Atrium Mesh products which include Prolite, Prolite Ultra and C-QUR. With our strong track record in Vascular Surgery we are delighted with this new agreement - the range offers excellent midweight, lightweight and coated mesh options to surgeons.

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We are very pleased to announce that we are now the UK Distributor for Seprafilm, the world’s most widely used adhesion barrier. It is clinically proven to reduce the incidence , severity and extent of adhesions. In one study patients were 8 times more likely to be adhesion free if they received Seprafilm and the incidence of dense adhesions was reduced by 74%.

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Pierson Surgical Ltd is a  UK wide surgical products distributor specialising in Cardiac and Vascular Surgery but with products for all surgical disciplines. We work with a number of major US and European manufacturers and our aim is to offer innovative, often leading edge products, that can really make a difference to the efficiency and efficacy of surgical procedures.  

We also combine this with a  responsive, personalised service to meet the requirements of individual surgeons.




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